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Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology ... Welcome to Calgary High School Tutor

Calgary High School Tutor is a one stop tutoring center becoming an integral factor in success of high school students in Calgary, Alberta.

We have a reputation with helping students with all their academic needs including all levels of Math, Chemistry, Physics and Biology.
With motiviation and guidance, students gain:
- confidence within themselves
- confident and consistent study skills
- confident approach to solving problems
- confidence to persue higher education

Student's School Work

We primarily focus on student's immediate problems in their subjects at school. Students' texts and notes provided by Calgary Board of Education are used to assist students with their academic challenges.

The Tutor Session

Whether it's math, chemistry, physics, biology or all the courses, students are provided assistance in their subjects during the 90 minute session. For example, some students may require help in math 30 for half of the session, and get tutored in chemistry 30 for their remaining time.

Benefits for Students & Parents

-All subjects can be tutored within one session.
-Access to tutor outside of tutoring session via text.
-No need for different tutors for different subjects.
-No more driving from one tutor to the next.
-Less burden by having one tutor for all subjects.
-time management.


Math 10
Math 20-2
Math 20-1
Math 30-2
Math 30-1
Math 31
IB Math

Chemistry 20
Chemistry 30
IB Chemistry

Biology 20
Biology 30
IB Biology

Physics 20
Physics 30
IB Physics

Science 10
Science 20
Science 30

Since 2002, Calgary High School Tutor has helped students reach academic success. We strive to help students gain the necessary tools to overcome academic challenges and to gain the skills needed to succeed.

Please call 403.400.6850 for more information and scheduling.

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